Textile and Apparel Industries

Relationships between Negative Feedback on Companies and Gen Y Job Applicants' Employment Willingness

  • Saheli Goswami (University of Missouri)
  • Jung E. Ha-Brookshire (University of Missouri)


In response to the challenges faced by companies for recruiting Gen Y employees, and Gen Y's frequent use of others' feedback while perceiving a potential fit with a future employer, this study assessed how online feedback made by others, mostly former and current employees, affect Gen Y job applicants' employment willingness in those companies. A quantitative study was designed and data were collected via an online survey created with employee feedback from glassdoor, an online company review site. The results of 254 responses to 20 survey items were analyzed with an exploratory factor analysis, and eventually three dimensions of negative feedback were generated. Results suggested that when job applicants received negative feedback about companies' recruitment strategies, leadership, and core-business activities, they were less willing to apply for those companies. The study has important implications for companies as presenting an accurate picture of the organization, its expectations, and its exact policies might ensure consistency in their statements and avoid being interpreted as untrustworthy.

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Goswami, S. & Ha-Brookshire, J. E., (2016) “Relationships between Negative Feedback on Companies and Gen Y Job Applicants' Employment Willingness”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 73(1).

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Published on
09 Nov 2016
Peer Reviewed