Creative Design: Professional

Fire Blossoms

  • Anna Perry (Colorado State University)


The purposes of the current design were to incorporate the latest high technologies into a three dimensional shape to generate cohesive art-wear. This symmetrical garment balanced left and right and emphasized the waist part. A contrast effect was created by the solid fabric and the transparent fabric. Hundreds of leaves with various shapes were placed on the dress, creating a rich layers repetition and rhythm pattern. Visually, this design created an overall harmonic effect. This design refined what is known: laser cutting technology and three dimensional effects of apparel design. This design contributed to a new original and innovative way to use laser cutting technology and 3D effect. The design was significantly different from the existing design domain in creating a rich-layer laser cutting effect.

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Perry, A., (2016) “Fire Blossoms”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 73(1).

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Published on
10 Nov 2016
Peer Reviewed