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Tradition and Simplicity Inspired a Set of Catholic Liturgical Vestments

  • Linda Arthur Bradley (Washington State University)


New vestments were needed when our Catholic parish got a new priest and deacon. Both are large men and the vestments at the church simply did not fit. Sets of garments were needed in all five ritual colors required by the Catholic Church. While the garments can be purchased, they are very costly so I volunteered to make the garments and to keep costs to a minimum. Ornate liturgical garments have been standard in the past few centuries, however our new Pope Francis clearly indicated that all clergy should dress more simply, in keeping with the vestment styles of the early church. Both the Priest and Deacon required the garments to made in cotton fabrics, without embroidery and minimal embellishment. A set of garments was made for each in the five liturgical colors. The green set, used for the ordinary masses, is submitted to this design exhibition.

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Bradley, L. A., (2016) “Tradition and Simplicity Inspired a Set of Catholic Liturgical Vestments”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 73(1).

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Published on
11 Sep 2016
Peer Reviewed