Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior Research on Culture Identity of Traditional Chinese Costume

  • Qiuyue Wang (Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology,P.R.CHINA)
  • Ping Zhao (Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology,P.R.CHINA)


Since the Chinese Bourgeois Revolution in 1911, the old dress codes and etiquettes that were implemented for nearly three thousand years have been abandoned. Especially since the Reform and Opening up policy in 1979, western dress culture of fashion trends and fast fashion have had enormous influence on the younger generation of contemporary way of wearing. This paper's main purpose was to study the present situation of culture identity of Chinese traditional clothing for contemporary Chinese consumers in dimensions of cognition, attitudes and buying behaviors. This study used quantitative and qualitative research methods and found that classical Chinese style had become the bottleneck of limiting its popularization and large-scale development to some extent for younger generations in modern China context and also found that the uniqueness of Chinese traditional style now become able to highlight the wearer's status and hoped Chinese traditional clothing culture would bring more and more diversity and integrity to the modern fashion. The results of this study could provide decision-making references for enterprises in contemporary China and laid the foundation for further academic study.

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Wang, Q. & Zhao, P., (2016) “Consumer Behavior Research on Culture Identity of Traditional Chinese Costume”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 73(1).

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Published on
08 Nov 2016
Peer Reviewed