Design and Product Development

A Case Study of the 3D Design Process Applied for Customized Art Wears

  • Su-Jeong Hwang Hwang Shin (Texas Tech University)
  • Hyo Jung (Julie) Jung Chang (Texas Tech University)
  • Sang-Mi Yoo (Texas Tech University)


This study was aimed to examine the efficiency of using 3D virtual design tools for customization process and creative design process by creating art wears with 3D design tools for individuals. "The 3D Design for Art Wear Project" has been conducted by collaborating in creating a wearable form from a digital print in art. For the project, art wears were designed with OptiTex 3D virtual design tool and 3D body scanner to create a seamless art wear from a genuine digital print art "Superficial Outgrowth" created by the artist. A customized wearable art with 3D design has been developed in this project. It is a remarkable that once a person has been scanned with a 3D body scanner, stored in the 3D system and designed in 3D, mapping the art without unnecessary cutting and no physical fitting process.

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Shin, S. H., Chang, H. J. & Yoo, S., (2016) “A Case Study of the 3D Design Process Applied for Customized Art Wears”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 73(1).

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Published on
08 Nov 2016
Peer Reviewed