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”Shapewear” for women as a postural improvement garment

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Young women tend to transform their physical appearances to prevent low self-esteem since media portrays the thin body which influences women’s body image attitudes (Grabe, Hyde, & Lindberg, 2007). There have been many attempts to develop body shaping products that provide an ideal body shape which is slim and curvy. Jones and Guilbault (2014) stated that shapewear transforms the silhouette and creates the illusion of an hourglass figure. Even though shapewear may have negative effects on health such as gastric reflux, compressed stomach or intestines (Steele, 2001), U.S. sales of shapewear were $697.6 million last year (Jones & Guilbault, 2014).

Keywords: postural improvement, and body scanning, shapewear

How to Cite: Lyu, S. & LaBat, K. (2014) “”Shapewear” for women as a postural improvement garment”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 71(1).