Consumer Behavior

Neuromarketing: A New Approach for Fashion Marketing?

  • Ian Mull (Central Michigan University)
  • Seung-Eun Lee (Central Michigan University)


The predominant focus of marketing research is done on the conscious mind but future marketing research needs to simultaneously focus on understanding both the conscious and nonconscious mind (Zaltman, 2000). Six underlying principles of the human brain suggest: 1) the nonconscious mind governs thought processes; 2) the majority of human communication is non-verbal (especially in an emotional context); 3) the majority of the human brain is dedicated to deciphering visual information; 4) humans think in visual representations, not words; 5) feeling or emotions precede thoughts; and the human brain disregards 60% of the information it is presented with during half a day (Ebbinghaus, 1992).

Keywords: neuromarketing, neuroscience, nonconscious, fashion

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Mull, I. & Lee, S., (2014) “Neuromarketing: A New Approach for Fashion Marketing?”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 71(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 2014
Peer Reviewed