Consumer Behavior

Identifying Characteristics of the Tween Fashion Consumer Groups

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Twenty-one million tweens in the U.S. market account for $43 billion in spending power. Apparel represents one of the primary purchase categories tweens want to spend their money (Cotton Inc., 2012). Tweens aged 7 to 14, especially girls, are very aware of fashion, enjoy apparel shopping, and feel confident in dressing themselves (Brock, Ulrich, & Connell, 2010). While the tween market has been featured, the prevailing literature on tween consumers is limited, particularly information on tweens with regards to their fashion innovativeness and fashion opinion leadership.

Keywords: Innovativeness, fashion, tweens

How to Cite: Yu, U. , Gam, H. & Baker, R. (2014) “Identifying Characteristics of the Tween Fashion Consumer Groups”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 71(1).