Social and Psychological Aspects

Understanding body dissatisfaction among older men: A qualitative study

  • Shweta Linga Reddy (Texas Christian University)


Body image is a multifaceted psychological experience of embodiment that includes one‟s physical appearance, body related self- perceptions and self- attitudes such as thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors (Cash, 2004, p.1). McCabe & Ricciardelli (2004) observe that in the case of adult men the importance of appearance relates not only to what they look like, but also to their health, fitness and general wellbeing. Prior studies have indicated that body image assessment in men relates to a desire for increased muscularity and reduced body fat (Nowell & Ricciardelli, 2008) which is different from women‟s desire for weight loss. Studies have shown that in comparison to men, women report a lower Body Mass Index (BMI) as the „„ideal,‟‟ and women are more likely than men to perceive themselves as overweight even if they are of normal weight (Kiefer, Leitner, Bauer & Rieder, 2000). However, men are more likely to consider themselves as normal weight even if they are overweight.

Keywords: Aging, Body dissatisfaction

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Linga Reddy, S., (2013) “Understanding body dissatisfaction among older men: A qualitative study”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 70(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 2013
Peer Reviewed