Consumer Behavior

Shopping Orientation, Fashion Innovativeness, and Purchase Decision-Making



During the purchase decision-making process, attributes of a product play an important role; consumers evaluate attributes of apparel including intrinsic aspects (e.g., color, design/style, fabric, size/fit, quality, etc.) and extrinsic aspects (e.g., price, brand, price, origin of country, etc.). Studies have found that consumers use intrinsic attributes such as durability, comfort, and fit to evaluate apparel quality (Hugo & Aardt, 2012; Hsu & Burns, 2002).

Keywords: Shopping orientation, Fashion innovators, purchase decision-making

How to Cite: Joung, H. (2013) “Shopping Orientation, Fashion Innovativeness, and Purchase Decision-Making”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 70(1).