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Exploring a Process: Using Technology to Define Firefighter Glove Fit Preference

  • Kristen Morris (Cornell University)
  • Melissa Moukperian (Cornell University)
  • Carley Campbell (Cornell University)
  • Janelle Dorn (Cornell Universiy)
  • Helen Trejo (Cornell University)
  • Yingying Wu (Cornell University)
  • Lauren Goodnow (Cornell University)
  • Sally Schultz (Cornell University)
  • Jocelyn Wu (Cornell University)
  • Susan Ashdown (Cornell University)


The aim of this study was to develop methodologies for a replicable process to scan bare and gloved hands and evaluate the fit of a structural firefighter glove model using a Human Solutions Vitus Head scanner. Our analysis was grounded in a literature review and findings from two focus groups of fire fighters in New York State. In our charge to deliver a replicable process to generate 3D anthropometric data, the study identified changes to the current glove model that could be implemented immediately to improve dexterity, and future areas to research for long-term enhanced fit and sizing of this glove model.

Keywords: 3D hand scans, firefighter gloves, dexterity, fit

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Morris, K., Moukperian, M., Campbell, C., Dorn, J., Trejo, H., Wu, Y., Goodnow, L., Schultz, S., Wu, J. & Ashdown, S., (2013) “Exploring a Process: Using Technology to Define Firefighter Glove Fit Preference”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 70(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 2013
Peer Reviewed