Consumer Behavior

How Does Chinese Consumers' Face-saving Affect Sustainable Fashion Consumption?

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given that social norms were found to be more powerful in determining consumers' behavior in cultures where collectivism is pervasive such as in China (Jin & Kang, 2010), we posited that Chinese consumers' orientation to save face (i.e., face-saving) may underlie their propensity towards sustainable fashion consumption. This study investigated three types of product value which are generally related to product (i.e., general product value) as well as green value, which is specifically related to sustainable products. We thus posed the following questions: (1) which value increases commitment to sustainable fashion, and (2) how Chinese consumers' face-saving orientation moderates the effect of each value on this commitment.


How to Cite: Wei, X. & Jung, S. (2017) “How Does Chinese Consumers' Face-saving Affect Sustainable Fashion Consumption?”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 74(1).