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Lookism, Social Media, Beauty Prejudice

  • Diana Saiki (Ball State University)
  • Alyssa Dana Adomaitis (The New York City College of Technology, CUNY)


"Lookism” is a term to describe appearance discriminationor “the practice of discrimination on the basis of physical appearance in the workplace” (Ghodrati, Joorabchi, & Muati, 2015, p.1). In popular literature, it has been called “beauty prejudice” (Etcoff, 1999, p. 1). The notion that a pleasing appearance results in favorable outcomes (e.g., higherwages, promotions) from others is not necessarily new, as literature on physical attractiveness is rather extensive. The Washington Post Magazine first used the term “lookism” in 1978 (e.g., Ayto, 1999), however, the term “lookism” was first recognized as a form of discrimination by authors of the Oxford English Dictionary and American Heritage Dictionary in 2000 (Ghodrati et al.)

Keywords: Lookism, Social Media, Beauty Prejudice

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Published on
26 Mar 2024
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