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Women’s Alpha Size Charts Comparison Among 120 Clothing Brands

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This study scrutinizes the alpha sizing system used by fashion brands, revealing inconsistencies that complicate clothing fit for consumers. Examining women's size charts from 120 brands, the research finds that smaller sizes have less variability in measurements, suggesting a more uniform approach to sizing. However, larger sizes show significant disparities, particularly in the chest measurements for size 2XL, which range from 1,000mm to 1,310mm across brands. This lack of standardization is problematic for consumers seeking larger sizes. The study also notes that luxury brands often omit size charts, possibly indicating custom tailoring or a focus on a limited body type. In contrast, only a few brands provide plus-size guides. The findings underscore the need for more inclusive and standardized sizing practices in the fashion industry to accommodate diverse body types and reduce the high return rates due to ill fit.

Keywords: alpha size chart, fashion brands, sizing labels

How to Cite: Zong, W. & Baytar, F. (2024) “Women’s Alpha Size Charts Comparison Among 120 Clothing Brands”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 80(1). doi: