Consumer Behavior

Livestream shopping in the U.S.: An exploratory study

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Livestreaming, a real-time interactive shopping experience, has gained popularity globally with disparities across regions. Extant research, however, has primarily focused on livestreaming in Asian countries and lacks focus on real-time interactivity. To add to literature, the present study aimed to explore the characteristics of livestream apparel shopping targeting U.S. consumers. The theory of parasocial interaction guided the conceptual development of relationship building in livestreaming. A content analysis of 42 Amazon apparel livestream shows was conducted. Findings show that real-time interactivity and personalization are the core characteristics of livestream shopping. Streamers use live chat features (e.g., one-on-one size suggestions) and interactive demonstrations (e.g., real-time try-on, video insertions) to enhance real-time communication on product attributes. Furthermore, streamers share their personal stories (e.g., personal struggles, work life, purchase experience) to enhance parasocial relationships with the viewers through real-time bilateral communication on live chats. 

Keywords: livestreaming, apparel, content analysis, interactivity

How to Cite: Wee, J. , Kim, M. , Huang, R. & Lennon, S. J. (2024) “Livestream shopping in the U.S.: An exploratory study”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 80(1). doi: