Consumer Behavior

The importance of eco-label: Enhancing consumer perception

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  Utilizing the theory of reasoned action, this study examines the impact of eco-labels on brand preference. Through ANOVA and PROCESS MACRO analyses, the research demonstrates that eco-label attachment significantly reduces perceived physical risk, especially when brand awareness is high. This reduction in risk perception positively influences brand preference, measured through purchase and social media notification intentions. The study underscores the strategic importance of eco-labeling for fashion companies, suggesting it as a powerful tool to enhance brand preference and trust. Insights gained from this research benefit both producers and consumers, highlighting the pivotal role of eco-labels in fostering sustainability in the clothing and consumer goods industry.

Keywords: eco-label, perceived physical risk, brand awareness, brand preference

How to Cite: Kim, S. & Lee, K. (2024) “The importance of eco-label: Enhancing consumer perception”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 80(1). doi: