Aesthetics, Design, and Product Development

Deconstruct then Reconstruct: A Sustainable Fashion Design Project for Graduate Students

  • Lu Ann Lafrenz (Ryerson University)


Sustainability and ethical practice is one of the mandates of our fashion school. When facing the challenge of incorporating sustainability content into the curriculum an opportunity was identified to develop sustainability content through the graduate program in the required Masters studio course. The studio course was organized around the theme of sustainability and ethical practices in fashion. The course project requirements included the combined use of critical inquiry and studio practice to further explore and refine solutions to design problems or research areas. Prior to taking this course many graduate students were interested in sustainable practices. Among the challenges when developing the course project was addressing the needs of the students without studio backgrounds.

Keywords: design, sustainability, deconstruct, reconstruct

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Lafrenz, L., (2012) “Deconstruct then Reconstruct: A Sustainable Fashion Design Project for Graduate Students”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 69(1). doi:

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Published on
13 Nov 2012
Peer Reviewed