Aesthetics, Design, and Product Development

A Wearable System Design for Outdoor Activities and Tourism

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As outdoor and tourism activities are increasing in popularity, specialized luggage and bag markets are emerging to fulfill these niches. A portable wearable system, or a wearable bag, can carry personal items and provide mobility and freedom for both hands. When designing accessories, it is necessary to deeply understand the users, context of usage, and existing products (Moen, 2007). The purpose of this study was to gather perceptions of potential consumers and to identify crucial factors to guide future wearable bag design and development.

Keywords: wearability, design, product development

How to Cite: Koo, H. S. & Janigo, K. A. (2012) “A Wearable System Design for Outdoor Activities and Tourism”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 69(1). doi: