Pedagogy and Professional Development

Collaboration through Technology to Earn TAPAC Accreditation

  • Doris H. Kincade (Virginia Tech)
  • Dina Smith-Glaviana (Virginia Tech)
  • Eonyou Shin orcid logo (Virginia Tech)


Collaborating through technology assisted the Fashion Merchandising and Design (FMD) area at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA to obtain their Textile and Apparel Programs Accreditation Commission (TAPAC) Accreditation. Starting the process during the COVID-19 pandemic, forced the FMD faculty to work through Zoom meetings. Using the “suggest” and comment function, we shared ideas and edited our draft of the documents needed for the process. In addition, we learned to use shared screen in Zoom and could easily work together online. The tools available in Zoom actually made the process easier than when we worked as a group around a table with only one computer. Being able to see and share changes and ideas instantly was a step up for innovation and creative thinking. We highly support the use of shared documents and online screen sharing through whatever platform is available for other departments seeking accreditation.  

Keywords: TAPAC, Collaboration, Overcoming barriers, Zoom meetings

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Kincade, D. H., Smith-Glaviana, D. & Shin, E., (2024) “Collaboration through Technology to Earn TAPAC Accreditation”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 80(1). doi:



Published on
22 Jan 2024
Peer Reviewed