Design and Product Development

Alisa-Bra Design Using a Digital Workflow Combining Clo 3D and 3D Knitting

  • Krissi Riewe Stevenson (Kent State University)


This creative scholarship improves the bra garment using an integrated workflow connecting 3D apparel design software Clo 3d with CNC digital knit software. The bra garment needs improvements to address fit, comfort, and production problems, and this inspired the development of a workflow utilizing the benefits of 3D knitting and Clo 3d as tools allow the designer to develop a more sustainable production process while improving comfort and fit using engineered, 3D textiles. The Stoll ADF-3 16-gauge knitting machine and proprietary software Create+ was used along with Clo 3d to design shape and textile structure, resulting in successful use of this tool and material workflow to develop a bra that has a comfortable textile property and well-fitted 3D shape while using a more sustainable production process. The final product is the direct result of knowledge of both materials and the digital tools, well as an understanding of the knit process.

Keywords: Digital Knitting, Clo 3d, Functional Design, Bra Design

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Riewe Stevenson, K., (2024) “Alisa-Bra Design Using a Digital Workflow Combining Clo 3D and 3D Knitting”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 80(1). doi:



Published on
23 Jan 2024
Peer Reviewed