Design and Product Development

Digital Workflow Merging 2D Patternmaking with 3D Knitting through Bra Design

  • Krissi Riewe Stevenson (Kent State University)


The purpose of this project is to establish best practices for integrating 3D apparel design software with CNC knit software through the prototyping of a 3D knitted bra. This research builds on previous research transforming 3D shapes into 2D patterns that can be used in digital knit programming to improve this process for apparel designing by incorporating design software to provide 3D design and fit development while transforming traditional flat garment patterns to knittable shapes with integrated 3D geometry to capitalize on the capabilities of 3D knitting. Stoll CMS ADF-3 16-guage and 7.2-guage knitting machines and the accompanying proprietary programming software Create+ are used in conjunction with 3D design software Clo 3d to develop a workflow of shape and textile structure development. By establishing this more efficient and sustainable construction process, it can be expanded upon and applied to other types of products that rely engineered textiles and 3D shapes. 

Keywords: Digital KNitting, Clo 3d, Create Plus, Garment Fit, Functional Design

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Riewe Stevenson, K., (2024) “Digital Workflow Merging 2D Patternmaking with 3D Knitting through Bra Design”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 80(1). doi:



Published on
23 Jan 2024
Peer Reviewed