Aesthetics, Design, and Product Development

Hot or Not? Crowd-Sourced Evaluation of Computer-Generated Outfits

  • Lucy E. Dunne (University of Minnesota)
  • Vivian Zhang (University of Minnesota)
  • Loren Terveen (University of Minnesota)


The ritual of deciding what to wear is a decision-making process engaged in daily by most members of many societies. Our research focuses on the time- and resource-constrained daily dressing decision-making process, and seeks to alleviate the difficulty of this decision through the development of a smart system capable of providing outfit recommendations. To operate effectively, such a system must be capable of providing good recommendations.

Keywords: wardrobe, crowdsourcing, evaluation, methods

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Dunne, L. E., Zhang, V. & Terveen, L., (2012) “Hot or Not? Crowd-Sourced Evaluation of Computer-Generated Outfits”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 69(1). doi:

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Published on
13 Nov 2012
Peer Reviewed