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Motherhood: Fit Adjustable Nursing Undergarment

  • Ling Zhang orcid logo (Iowa State University)
  • Li Jiang (Iowa State University)


This project aimed to develop a versatile ensemble suitable for women throughout their pregnancy and postpartum journey. The camisole showcases innovative structural advancements to enhance its functionality. One notable innovation is the inclusion of a specialized one-piece support panel that serves multiple purposes. It securely holds the shoulder straps while allowing easy access to the cup during breastfeeding. Additionally, it offers extra support to the breasts through its side and bottom areas. The design incorporates a Velcro closure system, enabling the wearer to adjust the outer empire waistband to achieve a customized fit around the torso. Another distinctive feature is the inclusion of double clip closures on the front shoulder straps. This design element prevents the fabric from obstructing the baby’s access to the breast when the cup is flipped to the side, ensuring optimal feeding quality and addressing safety concerns.

Keywords: Nursing, undergarment, motherhood, patent, fit adjustable

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Zhang, L. & Jiang, L., (2024) “Motherhood: Fit Adjustable Nursing Undergarment”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 80(1). doi:



Published on
22 Jan 2024
Peer Reviewed