Social and Psychological Aspects

Unfolding Experiences amongst Breast Cancer Patients and their Body Image

  • Amelia Davis (Baylor University)
  • Genevieve Acevedo (Baylor University)
  • Rodney Sturdivant (Bay)
  • Gary Elkins (Baylor University)
  • Jeong-Ju (Jay) Yoo orcid logo (Baylor University)


The present study aims to explore the common experiences of body image amongst breast cancer survivors, so that we may develop ways to foster positive BI in response to their physical changes. The data was collected through individual Zoom interviews with 10 breast cancer survivors. The survivors had ages ranging from 48 – 80 with an average age of 64. The researchers reviewed the transcripts and identified the following four themes apparent in all interviews:Age at Diagnosis, Preparedness for Physical Changes, Intimate Partnership, and Positive Outlook. The patient’s age and relationship status at the time of diagnosis are unchangeable, however, we recommend that doctors take them into account more heavily when coming up with a treatment plan; for instance,attempting a less visually altering procedure on a younger woman than an older one with similar symptoms. 

Keywords: Body Image, Breast Cancer, Objectification, Cancer Survivorship, Appearance

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Davis, A., Acevedo, G., Sturdivant, R., Elkins, G. & Yoo, J., (2024) “Unfolding Experiences amongst Breast Cancer Patients and their Body Image”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 80(1). doi:



Published on
21 Jan 2024
Peer Reviewed