Curatorial Exhibition Scholarship

Luis Estévez: Fashion, Elegance, and Exoticization

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In Luis Estévez: Fashion, Elegance, and Exoticization, a physically-mounted (opened April 8, 2022) exhibition at a university, we explore Estévez’s career, a Cuban American, openly bi-sexual designer who had a prolific fashion career, yet has received minimal scholarly attention. Centering Estévez disrupts the dominant, white, heterosexual narrative in fashion history.

Keywords: american, designer, cuban, 20th century, exhibition, curatorial, dress, couture, ready-to-wear

How to Cite: Simon, J. D. & Reddy Best, K. L. (2024) “Luis Estévez: Fashion, Elegance, and Exoticization”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 80(1). doi: