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Eight Principles

  • Sun Young Choi (Konkuk University)


This work attempted to express the symbolism of characters through clothing,focusing on ‘義(righteous)’ and ‘禮(manners)’ among the Joseon Dynasty's Munjado. The author attempted to adopt cultural elements into clothing through digital printing techniques, which is meaningful in that this design work was reinterpreted in a modern way by combining traditional cultural sources with futuristic patterns. To connect each era, geometric patterns were made by repeating lines of a certain thickness and incorporated into the costume. The material was intended to have a depth effect by overlapping various colors and patterns using transparent polyester organdy. The cape was printed on two different layers of material indifferent sizes and densities, making the image appear out of place, creating a visual illusion, and adding depth to the flat surface. As a result, various colors and patterns were combined to complete a contemporary fashion design without losing the elements of cultural resources.

Keywords: Eight principles, Linear perspective, Minwha, Optical illusion

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Published on
25 Jan 2024
Peer Reviewed