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Reborn Phoenix

  • Sun Young Choi (Konkuk University)


As the Fenghuang has been used in the court robes of queens and high-ranking women in Korea, this design intends to add value to the wearer by applying it to contemporary women's clothes with new technology.To implant this traditional aesthetics into our modern life,the images were reborn and applied by digital and 3D printing on jumpsuits and a top, respectively. The clothing was made of transparent polyester organza to reveal the beauty of superimposing, one of Korea's representative aesthetics, and fused Western dress-making and Korean detail, such as flat pattern construction and sagged sleeves. Meanwhile the Fenghuang pattern was 3D printed in vivid green filaments in contrast to the brownish layers to add a more vibrant mood. This study is meaningful because it connects the past and the present and inspires future fashion design by expressing traditional materials through new technologies such as digital and 3D printing.

Keywords: 3D printing, Fenghuang, Hanbok, Superimposing

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Published on
25 Jan 2024
Peer Reviewed