Creative Design: Undergraduate

Every Which Way

  • Hannah Rettke (University of Missouri)
  • Cheyenne Smith (University of Missouri)


Every Which Way is an ensemble created using numerous draping techniques with donated fabric to explore the practice of zero-waste design. When receiving a fabric not intended for clothing production, I utilized unique design elements to create a sustainable garment. This garment remains true to the inspiration of the fabric, with the lighter colorway lending itself to a modern summer-inspired ensemble with a youthful twist featuring ruffles and lace. This look incorporates a unique asymmetric silhouette to juxtapose the consistent straight stripes throughout the fabric. Accompanied by carefully measured ruffles and calculated pleats, this garment ensures no fabric will go to waste. Interchangeable bow and flower embellishments provide options for switching up the look, creating a 3-in-1 garment that can be worn more than once. The purpose of this ensemble is to show that seemingly impractical processes, like zero-waste production, and unique textiles can still create functional, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Keywords: zero-waste, sustainability, surface design, textile innovation

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Rettke, H. & Smith, C., (2024) “Every Which Way”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 80(1). doi:



Published on
21 Jan 2024
Peer Reviewed