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Digital Fashion



Digital fashion currently exists in different material culture spaces from fashion non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to MetaverseFashion Week. Alongside this virtual world of clothing exists a subcategory of digital fashion that belongs to the wearable technology category. Wearable technology allows the wearer to interact with the virtual world of digital technology blended into the context of everyday lived experiences. Compared tothe relatively new existence of digital fashion as NFTs, wearable technology has been recently researched according to the field of neuroaesthetics. Due to fashion NFTs providing relatively new stimuli for individuals to process, it is important that research is conducted to determine the neuroaesthetic experiences of individuals towards these artforms. Thus, this conceptual paper addresses a current gap in the literature on neuroaesthetic responses to NFTsby examining previous literature neuroaesthetic research in relation towearable technology to determine future applications for assessing individuals’neuroaesthetic experiences towards fashion NFTs. 

Keywords: Digital FashionNeuroaesthetics, Wearable Technology, Digital Fashion, Neuroaesthetics

How to Cite: Rolling, V. (2024) “Digital Fashion”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 80(1). doi: