Consumer Behavior

How to promote sustainability by fueling digital fashion? An empirical study

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Digital fashion can be used for dressing both avatars and people’s on-screen physical bodies. Due to the dematerialization nature, promoting digital fashion might be a revolutionary solution to address the sustainability issues in the fashion industry. Therefore, this study intends to examine consumers’ perceptions of and attitudes toward digital fashion in general and consumers’ evaluation and acceptance of luxury brands’ digital fashion specifically. Based on the literature review, we proposed a conceptual model and corresponding hypotheses. Data were collected from a convenience sample and tested by using multiple regression. Results reveal that fashion self-congruity, the specific attitude toward adorning avatars, the specific attitude toward dressing on-screen physical bodies, consumer environmental involvement, and customer-perceived social value can significantly influence the general attitude toward digital fashion. Meanwhile, the general attitude toward digital fashion, customer-perceived social value, and attitudinal beliefs of luxury brands significantly impact the purchase intention of luxury brands’ digital fashion. 

Keywords: digital fashion, luxury brands, sustainability, fashion self-congruity, Gen Z

How to Cite: Zhang, Y. & Liu, C. (2024) “How to promote sustainability by fueling digital fashion? An empirical study”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 80(1). doi: