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Secessionist Reformkleid: Striped Day Dress that Converts to a Tunic

  • Anne Marie Eveline Bissonnette (University of Alberta)


"Secessionist Reformkleid: Striped Day Dress that Converts to a Tunic" Anne Bissonnette, Ph.D., University of Alberta, Canada Keywords: History, Daywear, Multiuse, Multisize Inspired by the bold geometric styles of the Viennese Secession art movement, this dress/tunic addresses demands in "The Human Ecology Fashion Design Manifesto": it is conceived to be worn in different ways; it is multisize; it can be worn by different age groups and body types; and care is given that comfort is as important as aesthetics by assuring a wide walking stride and variability of cinching below the bust. I aimed for elegant daywear that reflects our casual mindsets and our need to reduce consumption. By selecting more serviceable garments worn for a longer time span, we may live more sustainable lives. Reference: Bissonnette, A., Chartrand, J., Furler, M., Sayegh, Y., & Siferd, P. (2017, April 12). "The Human Ecology Fashion Design Manifesto." Retrieved from

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Bissonnette, A. M., (2017) “Secessionist Reformkleid: Striped Day Dress that Converts to a Tunic”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 74(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 2017
Peer Reviewed