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Metaverse Buzz in the Fashion Industry: Social Network Analysis with Twitter Data Introduction

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Metaverse has created new opportunities for fashion companies to expand their retail environment to an immersive virtual world. Given the potential in offering a more immersive shopping experience using the 3Dvirtual environment, the purpose of the study is to explore the state of the new trend/technology (i.e., Metaverse) diffusion in the industry. This study examined the online communication regarding Metaverse through extracting and analyzing the Twitter conversational data that include keywords (i.e., Metaverse and apparel/cloth/fashion/textile) using NodeXL. This study employed social network analysis to investigate the overall network dynamics and identify dominant communities within the network. The results indicated that dominant communities with high reciprocal communication discussed Metaverse fashion merging into reality to a certain extent. Incorporating reality components into digital products is suggested to appeal to consumers who are yet to be familiar with the new virtual retail setting.

Keywords: Metaverse, Social network analysis, Technology adoption

How to Cite: Kim, K. & Lee, A. (2022) “Metaverse Buzz in the Fashion Industry: Social Network Analysis with Twitter Data Introduction”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 79(1). doi: