Pedagogy and Professional Development

Putting Theory to Practice: Teaching for Creativity via Zoom in Artist-Led Inclass Workshops

  • Angela Uriyo (West Virginia University)
  • Adetola Abatan
  • JOYITA SARKAR (West Virginia University)


The active learning approach to instruction that engages students with course material in dynamic ways is the focus of this paper. Inviting guest speakers into the classroom is a popular pedagogical technique used for active learning that has many benefits. With the shift to remote learning during the 2020 pandemic, video conferencing software now is being considered a legitimate resource to connect students with guest speakers who previously were inaccessible. There is a limited amount of research on students’ experiences of using video conferencing platforms such as Zoom in the delivery of in-class workshops. The purpose of this study was to understand fashion design students’ experiences of an in-class workshop delivered via Zoom. Data from 13 fashion students who were enrolled in a college-level introductory fashion illustration and technical design course at a large public U.S. university were analyzed. Findings suggested that a creative learning environment, a loosely defined creative support system, and high task motivation enhanced creativity in a remote learning session. Findings also indicated that play or specifically role-playing can be utilized in teaching for creativity approaches.

Keywords: Active learning, Video conferencing, Collage, Zoom, Guest speakers, fashion design pedagogy, undergraduate students

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Uriyo, A., Abatan, A. & SARKAR, J., (2022) “Putting Theory to Practice: Teaching for Creativity via Zoom in Artist-Led Inclass Workshops”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 79(1). doi:

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Published on
31 Dec 2022
Peer Reviewed