Pedagogy and Professional Development

Bringing Technology into the Classroom: “Wear Your Magic Box”

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To keep the fashion market abreast of technological advancement, students in the relevant fields need to learn what and how different types of technology are being used in the current retail industry. However, the adoption of VR technology for teaching in college classrooms is still in a primitive stage despite the growing popularity of and need for new technologies. One way to address this needs is to provide opportunities for students to gain exposure to, as well as have hands- on experiences of using, innovative technologies in class. Therefore, this study aims to make implications for retail and merchandising educators to utilize innovative technologies in a class by describing learning objectives, steps for implementation, and students’ reflections on a project titled “Wear Your Magic Box” in the First-Year Odyssey-class: Inside the World of Fashion.

Keywords: Technology, VR, Pedagogy, Teaching, Classroom

How to Cite: Shin, J. & Seock, Y. (2022) “Bringing Technology into the Classroom: “Wear Your Magic Box””, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 79(1). doi: