Consumer Behavior

Apparel Disposal: Impact on Consumer Behavior During COVID-19

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Consumer’s reluctance to pursue sustainable disposal options for apparel contributes to the huge amount of textile waste we have. The period of COVID-19 provided a window of opportunity for sustainability behavior transitions. This research aims to identify the factors that influence consumers’ apparel disposal behavior and to understand if there has been any change in their clothing disposal practices during COVID-19. Two-hundred and eighteen consumers completed an online survey. Results show respondents’ use of different disposal methods did not change after the outbreak of COVID-19, except for the reduction in selling items at garage sales/flea markets/online after the outbreak of COVID-19. Similarly, people participated more in buying used clothes online post-COVID-19. People were more motivated to recycle for helping reasons and the convenience to recycle at the store. Other factors such as economic and accountability did not motivate people to recycle, resell or donate after the spread of COVID-19.

Keywords: Recycling, Covid-19, Disposal behavior, Sustainability, Donating, Reselling

How to Cite: Rani, S. , Rothenberg, L. & Thoney-Barletta, K. (2022) “Apparel Disposal: Impact on Consumer Behavior During COVID-19”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 79(1). doi: