Creative Design: Graduate

Written in the Stars



The purpose of this design was to combine the fabric manipulation techniques of laser cutting and digital printing. It has been proven that using fabric manipulation techniques in design broadens creative thinking and encourages innovation (Burns, 2022). The inspiration for this ensemble is my personal journey in motherhood. The laser-cut design on the blue suede fabric is the Pisces and Leo constellations (Figure 1). The digital fabric print is a galaxy painted digitally using the colors of our birthstones: amethyst and ruby. The stars in the constellations are laser cut out, allowing the digital fabric print to peek through the cutouts. The fabric manipulations used create visual interest by emphasizing color and texture.

Keywords: laser cut, fabric printing, fabric manipulation, motherhood

How to Cite: Stanley, J. E. (2022) “Written in the Stars”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 79(1). doi: