Pedagogy and Professional Development

Scaffolding A/synchronicity for Teaching Literature Review Development Remotely

  • Sandra R Tullio-Pow (Ryerson University)
  • Kirsten Schaefer (Ryerson University)
  • Shelley J Haines (Ryerson University)
  • Tarah Burke-Harris (Toronto Metropolitan University)


Literature reviews clarify the range of research that has been done and where gaps remain. We created an online teaching module using a series of synchronous and asynchronous learning activities to guide students how to read critically to compile an annotated bibliography as a gateway to building a literature review. This module began with a guest presentation from librarians about demystifying literature reviews, next students completed an interactive exercise together to practice reading critically to summarize/chart a journal article, followed by writing a corresponding annotation. The module culminated in a group activity, students were assigned a current research topic (e.g., gender identity) and a set of five related journal articles. Each student was responsible for reading/charting their assigned article prior to class; in class they collectively discussed key themes o write an introduction and summarized results to identify gaps in the literature reviewed to write the conclusion. 

Keywords: annotated bibliography, literature review chart

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Tullio-Pow, S. R., Schaefer, K., Haines, S. J. & Burke-Harris, T., (2022) “Scaffolding A/synchronicity for Teaching Literature Review Development Remotely”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 79(1). doi:

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Published on
31 Dec 2022
Peer Reviewed