Pedagogy and Professional Development

Teaching Broccoli Courses: Best Practices for Research Methods in Fashion

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Based on our experiences, some fashion students view research methods more like broccoli than ice cream. Research Methods in Fashion (FSN 707) is a required undergraduate course with 150+ students. Best practices implemented in this course during the pandemic are described. Initiatives included new approaches to empathy and learning flexibility. We developed a course outline based on a blended learning format. To facilitate communication, weekly lecture outlines with required readings, key terms and guiding questions were developed. Video lectures were offered asynchronously. We scaffolded learning activities in synchronously scheduled tutorial classes to help students learn how to develop a research proposal. We shared practical applications of research methods through faculty and grad spotlights. Future developments include emphasis on student engagement activities such as using games to demonstrate learning of key terms used in research. We advocate these flexible, diverse learning strategies as applicable post-pandemic and beyond. 

Keywords: student engagement, scaffolding

How to Cite: Tullio-Pow, S. R. , Schaefer, K. , Haines, S. J. & Burke-Harris, T. (2022) “Teaching Broccoli Courses: Best Practices for Research Methods in Fashion”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 79(1). doi: