Creative Design: Graduate

Glamor of JABARA

  • Fatimah Hakeem (Louisiana State University)
  • Casey R. Stannard (Louisiana State University)


This project produced a novel pleated ensemble using a creative pattern cutting technique to achieve a three-dimensional look in the finished garment. In this design, basic pleats are twisted and evolved into a puffed structure. The 3D zigzag surface was adopted from a ball-shaped accordion (Jabara) technique from Pattern Magic (Nakamichi, 2011). The ball shape was accomplished through folding layers of fabric “in alternating crescent-moon shapes” (Nakamichi, 2011, p. 44). Thus, Japanese design aesthetics and postmodern pattern construction offer guidance to create this jumpsuit design.

The Glamour of Jabara design is a jumpsuit with short sleeves and full-length pants. The ball-shaped accordion (Jabara) technique is applied to the sleeves and pants to create a sculptural silhouette. The sharp accents of Jabara “created by the semicircular accordion shape create delicate... detail” (Nakamichi, 2011, p. 44).

Keywords: Creative Pattern Cutting, Pleats, Ball-Shaped Accordion

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Hakeem, F. & Stannard, C. R., (2022) “Glamor of JABARA”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 79(1). doi:



Published on
31 Dec 2022
Peer Reviewed