Creative Design: Graduate

Brain Power

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The designers challenged to create a multi-functional 3D printed wearable jacket through developing a novel 3D printed material with a strong elasticity and an appropriate joint mechanism for different parts. A commercial fused deposition modeling 3D printer was used to print all of the panels using thermoplastic polyurethane filaments, which have high elasticity and flexibility. Integrating with a transformable design approach, this jacket features a convertible concept, which allows wearers to achieve different usages conveniently. Various functionalities and styling options of this jacket not only fulfills wearers’ functional, expressive, and aesthetic needs but also addresses sustainability practices in the 3D printing (3DP) process through extending the product lifespan and reducing material waste. With the use of flexible 3DP material, adhesive joint technique, and continuous wave and lattice structures in the 3D printed textiles, this design well simulated traditional fabrics and maximize wearers’ various needs.

Keywords: 3D Printing, transformable, multi-functionality, elasticity

How to Cite: Li, Y. & Lee, Y. (2022) “Brain Power”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 79(1). doi: