Social and Psychological Aspects

“Shades for All of Us!” – Consumer Perceptions of Band-Aid Ourtone Bandgaes

  • Sara Jablon-Roberts (Johnson & Wales University)
  • Arienne McCracken


The Band-Aid Ourtone line of bandages, introduced in 2021, is notable because it is composed of three shades specifically designed for people of color: BR65 (Dark Brown), BR55 (Brown), and BR45 (Light Brown). This study was a content analysis of Amazon reviews of these bandages to see how they have been received by consumers. Reviewers were mostly positive about the bandages, both in regard to quality and the shade range. However, the two darker shades were received more positively than the lightest shade, which some felt was indistinguishable from the other bandages on the market, as far as color. Perhaps unsurprisingly, almost a quarter of the reviewers expressed the sentiment that finally, after having the need unmet for a very long time, a bandage matching their skin tone was now available to them. It is clear that the line was valued by a majority of the reviewers. 

Keywords: inclusivity, skin tone, online reviews, content analysis, consumer products

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Jablon-Roberts, S. & McCracken, A., (2022) ““Shades for All of Us!” – Consumer Perceptions of Band-Aid Ourtone Bandgaes”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 79(1). doi:

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Published on
31 Dec 2022
Peer Reviewed