Creative Design: Professional

Zero Waste Barrister Cocoon Coat



The current design furthers creative scholarship in zero waste (ZW), while creating a ZW design using conceptual inspirational elements from historical 1930s cocoon coat silhouettes and visual aspects of British barrister robes. The resulting design was simple to cut and to construct, departing from difficult assembly operations which is often synonymous with ZW designs. The prevailing formal aesthetic properties used in this design are shape, line, and color. Although the pattern is rectangular, the overall formal aesthetic property of shape is round and circular. The black color was chosen to evoke the British barrister robe. Knitted ribbing was created to shape the sleeve at the forearm. The current design advances knowledge in ZW design and pattern principles, and offers an example of the use of combined and varied design inspirations that can be applied to ZW methods while maintaining a simplicity of garment construction.

Keywords: Zero Waste, Sustainability, Innovative Pattern Making, Machine Knitting

How to Cite: Bernardoni, J. M. (2022) “Zero Waste Barrister Cocoon Coat”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 79(1). doi: