Pedagogy and Professional Development

Effective, Efficient, and Meaningful Program Assessment: Using New Technology



This study has four objectives: (1) To experiment new technology for course assessment; (2) To experiment new technology for program assessment; (3) To examine how to streamline program assessment with individual courses; and (4) To explore more effective, efficient, and meaningful program assessment strategies. The following process was developed and followed: 1. Examining Program Learning Objectives (PLOs)2. Updating Program Curriculum Map3. Choosing one particular PLO4. Developing the Program PLO Evidence Map5. Identifying courses and developing the Course Evidence Map Two courses were chosen to collect the assessment data. Then the Canvas Learning Mastery Book and Anthology were used to analyze the data. If all the courses in one program adopt both tools, assessment across different classes can be better connected cohesively and systematically to align with the program curriculum map and the program PLO evidence map to improve student learning according to the program learning outcomes.

Keywords: Program Assessment, Anthology, Canvas Learning Mastery Book

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