Textile and Apparel Industries

Fall Into the Cross Functional Team of the Gap: A Content Analysis



The apparel firm is a uniquely non-linear structure with an interactive matrix of complex decision-making. The behavioural theory of the apparel firm provides a foundation of constituencies that construct an apparel firm. For fashion educators and researchers, there is a need to understand the interconnectedness of the job functions and titles that work within the merchandising constituency. The purpose of this case study content analysis study was to investigate the 476 job postings from Gap Inc. website. The findings explained how Gap Inc. organizes their internal constituencies and merchandising constituency within a brand, division, job category, and department detailing job responsibilities and cross-functional partners. Further, the findings uncover product category teams that are the core of the merchandising constituency and structured cross-functionally. This study contributes to the knowledge of the apparel firm, specifically the identification of the cross-functional product category team, as well as, job duties.

Keywords: Fashion industry, Apparel firm, Behavioral theory of the apparel firm, supply chain members, Cross functional teams

How to Cite: McAndrews, L. E. (2022) “Fall Into the Cross Functional Team of the Gap: A Content Analysis”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 79(1). doi: https://doi.org/10.31274/itaa.15730