Undergraduate Research

Basic Bodice Blocks Development for Fitting Large-Breasted Women

  • Yiya Wang (Kansas State University)
  • Charlsie Fowler (Kansas State University)
  • Yingying Wu (Kansas State University)
  • Carol McDonald (Gneiss Concept)


A growing number of women in the United States have a cup size larger than D. The clothing industry is not addressing these women's needs through present methods used in mass production. Hence, there is an opportunity for the industry to improve the design and fit of mass-produced garments for large-breasted women. This is particularly challenging for large-breasted women who still fall into a Missy-size category in terms of waist and other body measurements. Therefore, this paper proposes a new sizing system and a novel basic bodice block drafting method specifically for Missy-size large-breasted women. It was found that two additional body measurements are needed to accommodate Missy-size large-breasted women's needs. In addition, since waist dart size and placements were found to be significantly affected by cup size and apex location, they should be calculated and drafted accordingly.

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Wang, Y., Fowler, C., Wu, Y. & McDonald, C., (2018) “Basic Bodice Blocks Development for Fitting Large-Breasted Women”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 75(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 2018
Peer Reviewed