ITAA-KSCT Joint Symposium

Development of a backpack-based wearable proximity detection system

  • SeokHee Chang (Hanyang University)
  • ChaeEun Jeong (Hanyang University)
  • HyungSub Shin (Hanyang University)
  • Xi Wen (Hanyang University)
  • NamGyeong Yu (Hanyang University)
  • Jubi Ha (Hanyang University)
  • Jihyun Bae (Hanyang University)


Wearable devices are used in diverse fields with various forms and functions such as health care, medical purposes, and machine interfaces. Especially, such devices allow monitoring individuals' biological and behavioral data daily for health. We develop a backpack-based wearable detection system with a commercial IR (infrared) proximity sensor, LEDs, and a microcontroller unit. This backpack system helps users recognize when someone is approaching from behind through visual and tactile notification, even if the user has difficulties hearing sounds or seeing surrounding objects. Furthermore, this device can play an important role in preventing accidents for general users, including those with hearing loss and visual impairment.

Keywords: wearable device, proximity detection, sensor system, proximity detection, sensor system

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Chang, S., Jeong, C., Shin, H., Wen, X., Yu, N., Ha, J. & Bae, J., (2022) “Development of a backpack-based wearable proximity detection system”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 78(1). doi:



Published on
24 Sep 2022