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Disseminating and Reviewing Design Research

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This panel session highlighted strategies to successfully disseminate and review Design Research. As co-editors of CTRJ Focused Issue on Advancing Design Scholarship, Bye and Haar shared experiences that brought into focus challenges with developing and reviewing a manuscript based on creative design work. In the session, the panel looked specifically at stronger research design, methodology, and manuscript preparation, shared strategies for advancing and supporting the design and publication of more purposeful design research.  Hahn, Chen, and Lapolla shared their experience with writing and revising design research, key challenges, knowledge gained via the revision process, and the role of partnerships in the writing process.

Keywords: design research, creative scholarship, review

How to Cite: Bye, E. , Haar, S. J. , Hahn, K. H. , Chen, C. & Lapolla, K. (2022) “Disseminating and Reviewing Design Research”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings. 78(1). doi: