ITAA-KSCT Joint Symposium

A Case Study of Fashion Style in Accordance With T.P.O. of K-Virtual Influencer

  • Hee jin yun (Chungnam National University)
  • Hanna Kim
  • Yoon Mi Choi (Chungnam National University)


 As non-face-to-face contact becomes commonplace due to COVID -19,consumers of the MZ generation are increasingly interested in the  familiar charm of  virtual influencer and  the  life style of  communicating their daily lives. Through a  fashion style study of  virtual influencer according to T.P.O(Time, Place, and Occasion), we intend to  understand the  characteristics of  virtual influencer and  help form image-oriented virtual characters. Based on the  number of  posts and followers of  Virtual influencer in Korea from 2019  to 2021, a total of  five  external styling characteristics, including Rozy, Reah, Rui, Yu A, and  Neon, were analyzed by  dividing  them into images, colors, items, silhouettes, and  details. It can be  seen that  virtual influencer in domestic fashion has  begun to engage in activities as  active as  influencer in reality, and as  digital fashion content expands, it is  created for  corporate marketing promotion strategies, and  fashion is used to suit  T.P.O.

Keywords: T.P.O, MZ generation, Virtual influencer, Rozy, Digital fashion

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yun, H., Kim, H. & Choi, Y., (2022) “A Case Study of Fashion Style in Accordance With T.P.O. of K-Virtual Influencer”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 78(1). doi:



Published on
15 Sep 2022
Peer Reviewed