Creative Design: Undergraduate


  • Helena Elston (Syracuse University)
  • Adriana C Gorea (Syracuse University)


Humans encounter existential questions of understanding whether we control our realities in this world or actually submit to illusions not of our making. It takes knowledge to understand even a little of one’s reality, but we hardly have a grip on it because time does not stand still. It is difficult for me to explain my own feelings and life experiences, because these are not tangible items, but I have learned to try and comprehend my realities through imagery and literature. Edgar Allan Poe’s “A Dream Within A Dream”, resonates with my own life by touching upon the idea that nothing in reality is concrete. Our lives and experiences feel like dreams and sometimes it can be difficult to decipher between reality and illusion. The collection’s jewel-toned colors, silhouettes and fabric details reflect the dramatic imagery in the poem such as, "I stand amid the roar- Of a surf-tormented shore, And I hold within my hand- Grains of the golden sand"( Poe, 2012, p. 768 ). The poem’s exaggerative and abstract analogies inspire the asymmetric shapes, hand embroidery, fabric choices, tailored seams and structure of all the looks of the collection, with this entry as one of the most successful ones.

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Elston, H. & Gorea, A. C., (2018) “Skeptic”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 75(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 2018
Peer Reviewed