Creative Design: Graduate

Resilience: Activewear for Lower Limb Amputees who Utilize Prosthetic Limbs

  • Halimat Ipaye (University of Missouri)
  • Nicole Eckerson (University of Missouri)


Resilience is a collaborative functional design concept and qualitative research project that examines the activewear needs of female lower limb amputees who utilize prosthetic limbs. The goal was to provide aesthetically pleasing, transitional, durable, and comfortable active apparel with ease of donning and doffing while maintaining thermal comfort, mobility, and integration of prosthetics for optimal performance and independence. With the number of amputations performed annually set to double by 2050, due in large part to an aging population and a projected increase in diabetes, there is a need for apparel tailored to the needs and preferences of amputees (Amputee Coalition, n.d.; Ziegler-Graham et al., 2008). The activewear apparel product category is essential for amputees due to the necessary physical therapy and activity needed for physical rehabilitation post-amputation which dictates the need for appropriate activewear garments.

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Ipaye, H. & Eckerson, N., (2018) “Resilience: Activewear for Lower Limb Amputees who Utilize Prosthetic Limbs”, International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings 75(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 2018
Peer Reviewed